Accessing the internet during the campus closure


As the University moves to deliver courses remotely and uses apps such as Teams, you’ll need a home internet connection that has at least 500kbps/1Mbps bandwidth. To check the speed of your internet, visit this website while connected:  During the current COVID-19 situation, service providers such as Rogers, Telus, Bell and TekSavvy are suspending data limits for home internet customers. If you do not have home internet, find the best rates here.

Here are three tips to maximize the quality of your internet connection:

  1. If you have an ethernet cable, plug it directly into your computer from your router.
  2. Ask the other members in your household to refrain from streaming/gaming when you are participating in important bandwidth intensive activities.
  3. Sit closer to your router if you are using WiFi.

If you having issues, it’s best to contact your internet service provider directly.

You may choose to use mobile data to connect to the internet by tethering your device to your computer or laptop. But if you use this option, be sure to monitor your data usage against data allocations for your monthly plan to avoid significant overage fees.  We don’t recommend you use mobile data for web conferencing or streaming.

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