Diane Galapon, Illustration

First-year Illustration student Diane Galapon

Hello everyone, my name is Diane Galapon, and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I’m in first-year Illustration and live in Toronto, Ontario. I like creating digital illustrations that people can easily connect with and relate to (like comics), or at least that’s one of the artistic endeavors I currently have. However, for the longest time, most of my creative works have only been about my own emotions and experiences, so I want to eventually develop my interpersonal skills to create more compositions based on other people’s stories as well.

"Bayanihan” re-Imagined by Diane Galapon

“Bayanihan” re-Imagined by Diane Galapon

Remote learning and the pandemic made that a little harder to achieve this year, on top of my already existing problem in concentration because staying home can easily be distracting. Given that, I’m looking forward to the school opening, hopefully soon, to meet many more artists I can draw inspiration from.

Personal Instagram: @galapondiane
Art Instagram: @obra.ko