Susy Mingram Romero, Drawing & Painting

Drawing & Painting (second-year) student Susay Mingram Romero

Hey! I’m Susana (Susy) Mingram and I’m in my second year of the Drawing & Painting program. I live in the town of Ajax with my family and been living here for the past 6 years. I like to create acrylic paintings that talk about my passion for horses, and life experiences. However, ever since the lockdown I’ve been working a lot on illustrations and digital paintings in Photoshop rather than traditional paintings. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been working from a reference, but it is until now that I want to do more than just replicating what I see; I want to evoke what I feel and think through my paintings. With remote learning, I’m starting to realize how important self-discipline is and how good it feels to not spend a ton of money on commute. When this is all over, I’m looking forward to seeing all the people I’ve met through my online classes and hugging everyone in sight.