Bahar Goel, Graphic Design

Bahar Goel, Graphic Design

I’m Bahar Goel, a transfer student from The Art Institute of Chicago; it is my second year of university but first here at OCAD U. I’m an undergraduate student studying Graphic Design, and originally from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, but have been living in Los Angeles, California for the past few months. My passion lies in painting, drawing, and illustrating. I hope to develop skills in other artistic forms, to explore and learn more about them and to also use my creativity to create art that gives people joy.

International Women's Day by Bahar Goel

International Women’s Day by Bahar Goel

I personally work better around people or with people and I am also a visual learner so remote learning makes studying and working difficult for me. I look forward to university going back to in-person classes and to meet all the fellow artists at OCAD U.