Gabriela Antonini Escovedo, Integrated Media

Gabriela Antonini Escovedo

Hi, my name is Gabriela Antonini Escovedo. I’m in my fourth year of Integrated Media Expanded Animation & Digital Drawing, with a minor in Art History. I am currently in Toronto. I like to create visual narratives exploring the relationship between digital and traditional mediums and looking to improve my soft and hard skills, such as effective communication, teamwork and problem solving.

Tropicos by Gabriela Antonini Escovedo

Tropicos by Gabriela Antonini Escovedo

The pandemic over this past year has been full of challenges, like social distance, communication failure, lack of interpersonal relationships, and due to lack of access to OCAD U’s facilities and equipment, not being able to be in a work-focused environment. I look forward to working as a professional practitioner in the animation field.

> Three-year Peer Mentor
> Peer Mentor Excellence Award Nominee 2021

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