Suri (Shu) Huang, MAAD

Suri (Shu) Huang, MAAD, Jewellery

Meet a 2021 Peer Mentor:

Hi there! I’m Suri (she/her), but for sure you can call me Shu as well. I’m in the Material Art & Design program and I’m majoring in Jewellery. Like many of you, we are so excited for the new level of school year that is coming in the fall, but I’m almost stepping into the graduation year since I’m going to my third year at OCAD U. I’m currently in China.

I’d like to help new students to get familiar with the school’s community and fit into the new environment with zero awkwardness, also sharing ideas with any of you. I felt so warm and supported by all of the upper-year students, faculty and staff at OCAD U when I was a new student, so I do really want to spread and bring these positives to all of you newcomers, keeping these beautiful things forever. This is my first time being a Peer Mentor, and obviously there’s something new for me, but let’s grow together, to achieve a better of all of us!

I believe that COVID has changed a lot of our lives, even though we still have courses remotely, we are kind of lost the vibe like studying at school with friends, using devices at studios and so on. Hope the bad situation gets away soon and let’s enjoy the real school study as normal as it used to be.

I’m currently preparing to open my small jewellery business and at the same time I’m having an internship during this summer, so that I would know what I should do and prepare before setting everything up nicely. Stay tuned!

Instagram: @surihuange
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