Sydney Allen, Illustration

Sydney Allen, Illustration

Meet a 2021 Peer Mentor:

“Hi, I’m Sydney Allen (she/her), third-year Illustration student and this is my first time as a Peer Mentor! I’m super excited and grateful for the opportunity. I live in Milton, Ontario and I love painting. Oil painting to be more specific. I really enjoy realism and surrealist art; I’m a very detail-oriented person, so when I’m creating, I always have a million and one ideas that I want to fit into one piece! My art is very bold and full of colour, which I think would reflect my personality, hah! I am a very vibrant person from the clothes I wear, to enthusiastic energy!

I would like to develop better time-management skills because I like to give myself many tasks; I’m so ambitious in that sense. Creating the right organizational plan that caters to my needs is very important. In a post-COVID world, the way we work and learn will be different, adapting to a more “virtual world”. The lack of human interaction and disruption in my routine has been pretty tough for me. I lost motivation being online, I felt like it took away from my creative process in a way, but I learned that it also opens my eyes to new ways of creating and learning I never thought I would’ve tried! So being more virtual has its ups and downs, but I see my art personally expanding to a hybrid of digital and analogue materials!

I’m looking forward to starting my career, and finally being able to per-sue what I love to do, which is creating! I love finding different way to inter grate an artistic view and collaborating with other creative individuals!”

Instagram:@sydneyyyallen and @thecurlyheadcollection
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