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Meet a 2022/2023 Peer Mentor

“Hi, I’m Khang Do, I’m a 4th-year Illustration student at OCAD U. My pronouns are he/him, and this is my first year being a Peer Mentor. I’m currently living in downtown Toronto and hoping to stay here for my professional life after graduation as well.

I love to create works that are emotionally charged, personal, but (hopefully) relatable as well; I always think that if my work makes viewers feel something, anything, then I’ve done my job. I think a lot of my inspiration comes from the media I’ve consumed growing up ‘til now, as well as my personal close relationships I have/have had in the past. I love vibrant colors and I love adding small details that serve both as eye candy and easter eggs, alluding to my personal life in my work.

A colourful illustration of a bleeding heart, stabbed by a fork, on a table with unlabelled food items and ingredients.

The concept is based on both meanings of the phrase “eat your heart out” with a personal twist. According to bestie Google, the phrase means 1/suffer from excessive longing or 2/evoke jealousy or regret, and this illustration is my attempt at marrying those meanings. The meal presented is the literal human heart with negative emotions one might experience in the neglectful parts of romantic relationships (i.e. being ghosted). This is essentially the POV of the person eating their/other party in the relationship’s heart (out), feeding on their own/the other person’s feelings of fury, anxiety, sadness, etc. while ignored phone calls, unanswered emails and messages pile up in front of them.

Right now, I would like to develop even more skills in figure drawing and background painting, as I feel like those are my weakest points. I’m excited to see what the future holds, as my journey at OCAD is soon coming to an end. I don’t really know exactly what I’ll end up doing in the future, but I guess I’m most excited about creating more, hearing and telling more stories, and just overall leaving an impact on anyone I might cross paths with.”


Connect with Khang: 

Personal Instagram: @i_srsly_cant_evan

Art Instagram: @avo.khang.dos





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