Pailin Mirault, Illustration

An image of Pailin Mirault, second-year student

Meet an OCAD U student: 

“Hi, my name is Pailin Mirault (she/her) and I am a second-year Illustration student. I have a passion for creating futuristic, bold and mysterious-styled illustrations. I also like to include a lot of abstract shapes and structures in my work.

A digitally created image of a women with her hand in front of her face in shades of blues, purples, pinks and yellow.

“Planet Her” (2022) Digital Art. An artwork dedicated to women, divinity and power in the form of a fantasy-like feminine figure.

I would like to build my branding skills in order to identify myself as an artist that people can instantly recognize and remember. I’m looking forward to the process within my artist journey, I want to be able to fail and succeed in order to learn what is the ‘right’ way for me to grow as an artist.”

Check out more of Pailin’s work:

Instagram: @interstellarpieces



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