Ræ Azzopardi, Illustration

Meet an OCAD U student: 
“Ræ Azzopardi (also known as MORTVL) is a multidisciplinary Toronto-based artist who primarily does illustration, painting, and graphic design. Their work investigates their trauma and identity by juxtaposing the beautiful and horrific. They depict sentient beings that are often revealing their innards, expressing their vulnerability to the one thing we are all guaranteed after we are born, which is death.
A painting of creatures and flowers on a table with neon lights.

VVreck Centre (2020) acrylic and gloss medium on canvas.


A painting of a skull with features and eyes and a bloody hand.

Nevermore Perception (2019) acrylic on wood board.

The world perceived through Ræ’s lens is existential and painful, yet glorious and otherworldly: a form of escapism while centring itself on their perception of their reality. It is bleak but beautiful, hollow yet whole, solemn though joyous.

A painting of a disintegrating face on a black and pink background.

Hollovv (2022) gouache, ink and acrylic on mixed media paper.

During their time at OCAD U, they made a point of emphasizing analog with digital media. Currently, they are working on learning more audio-based art forms to translate to their visual mediums. They feel exceptionally grateful to have had the opportunity to grow incredible friendships with fellow artists and they hope to continue to contribute to their community.”
A painting of a figure with a black blanket draped over them carrying a cage and standing in a field of thorns.

Blvnket Statements (2019) acrylic and silver foil on wood board.

Connect with Ræ: 
Instagram: @mortvlmedia / @mortvl_