Kelly La, Graphic Design

Photo of Kelly La, OCAD U student

Meet an OCAD U student: 

“Hi! My name is Kelly La (she/her). Currently, I am a graphic designer, entrepreneur and a 2nd-year student studying Graphic Design. I am the founder of two micro-businesses that are dedicated to freelance graphic design and selling high-quality, affordable, everyday jewelry called ‘KellyxGraphics’ and ‘KL Jewels.’ I specialize in digital media by freelancing for small businesses to enhance their branding needs.

A digital image of two figures in pink with the heading "Create to Create" and other descriptive words.

“Create to Create” (2021) Digital Art.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been focusing on my jewelry business KL Jewels, finding different ways to get my business out there. I am truly passionate about inspiring women to take on whatever they aspire to and being able to learn more about people’s different talents and specialties.

An image of a heart-shaped necklace laying in a floral dish.

“Self-Love Necklace” (2022) Photograph.

I enjoy connecting with new people and being a business owner myself. After, completing my first year of undergraduate studies, I have absorbed so much knowledge and information. This makes me super eager to take what I have learned thus far to put it into use in my design practices.

I believe creativity is a space where there are no limits to design. It comes from how the design can be communicated and translated to the viewer. Whether it’s a message or the way  the artwork is being presented. Art is truly an open book that can be anything.”

Connect with Kelly:

Jewelry Shop Instagram: @shopkljewels •

Freelance Graphic Design Instagram: @kellyxgraphics

Personal Instagram: @itskellyla


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