Jamilah Lambert-Jackson, Illustration

A headshot of Jamilah Lambert, OCAD U student.

Meet an OCAD U student:

“Hi, I’m Jamilah Lambert-Jackson (she/her), a second-year Illustration student at OCAD U. I am a Black, Canadian artist, of Trinidadian descent. I like to create colourful pieces, mainly in oil pastels, but I also dabble in other mediums such as acrylic paint, watercolour and digital. None of which are my strongest mediums, but all of which I hope to improve through my journey here at OCAD.

Colourful oil pastel painting by second-year Illustration student Jamilah Lambert Jackson. Entitled "Black Power",

“Black Power” (2022) Oil Pastels. This piece is my depiction of black power and excellence. Black, is a colour in itself, but black as a race has many hues and tones. I chose to depict a woman with the print of the African continent on her face, the motherlands. The afro, a distinctive black feature, is shaped into a fist, a symbol of black power. The colours are meant to convey the brilliance of black excellence through their vibrancy. Black is beautiful, powerful, strong, resilient, proud, it is every and any colour there is mixed in one.

My current artistic style is spontaneous realism, realistic visuals with unrealistic hues. I am also a published fantasy novel author and look forward to incorporating my love for writing and visual art more in the future as a career.”


Check out more of Jamilah’s work:

Instagram: @mayaz_artz03


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