A.Y. Johnson, Drawing & Painting

“Hello! My name is A.Y. Johnson (she/her) and I am a 4th year, Drawing & Painting student. My work centres an interdisciplinary practice (ranging from painting to sculpture, digital installations, etc.) where I aim to prompt conversations revolving around themes of spirituality, feminist theory,  connectivity, social criticisms
and more, through an Afrocentric lens.
A black-and-white photo of a person holding their head. There are high-contrast white dots and lines painted on their face and arms.

“The EthNic Man” (2021) Digital Media 00:00:13 sec (looped). This image is a still frame from the series of photos used in the original video work.

I would like to develop skills in relation to the research aspects of my practice and, more extensively, how I can better convey the themes and topics addressed in my work. I look forward to further developing my methods as an artist/maker, and understanding how my work identifies in relation to art’s complex history, and more expansively its quality in wider social and cultural processes.”

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