Pixel Heller, Cross-Disciplinary Art: Life Studies


Meet an OCAD U student:

“My name is Pixel Heller (she/her). I am a third-year student in Cross-Disciplinary Art: Life Studies at OCAD U. I am a multi-media artist born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My work uses Caribbean-inspired colours to express my identity as an artist. I spent a lot of time searching for who I am and what I want to say with my artwork and these masks I’ve created represent protection and power. Through my work, I explore a wide range of materials including oil pastels, charcoal, acrylic paint, and textiles.
An image of an abstract and colourful mask with eyes, teeth, nose and horns standing in a black cloak against a street scene.

“Take me Home” (2023) oil pastels, acrylic paint and charcoal.

I want to continue to push my practice further than just the art world. I want to find bigger and better ways of representing my culture and reconnecting with my identity.”

Connect with Pixel:
Instagram: @100mega_pixel