Gabriel George, Sculpture & Installation

A photo of Gabriel George.

Meet an OCAD U student:

“Hello everyone, I’m Gabriel George (he/him), third-year Sculpture & Installation program student here at OCAD University. I like to be known as a Visual Artist, because I am trying out using all kinds of different mediums for my art practice. I describe my artwork as a collaboration of past and future.

Yarn arranged in a circle pattern, stapled to the wall from one end of the room to the other with a projection on the far end.

“The Space In-between” (2022) Cotton yarn, staple pins.

Born and brought up in India, I am largely influenced by my culture and traditions that are deeply rooted. Myths were part of my growing up and for the same, my works somehow generate a way of storytelling. Most of my sculptures are built in a futuristic way incorporating ancient elements. But my paintings are mostly influenced by mythical story scenes and cultural backgrounds. In meantime, I also generated my own ways of exploring materiality. Found and up-cycled objects have become one unique material of their own in my works. I have found my own ways of incorporating them into paintings and sculptures.

A painting of a blue person wearing a yellow jacket on a pink background, pained onto a circuit board.

“FUTURE ON BOARD” (2021) Acrylic on circuit board.

In painting, I used a circuit board and other objects as a base to paint over to capture all textures on it. In sculptures, I used “found object” as added elements along with other structural forms to tell a story. I also, make sculptures out of bronze and ceramics.

A sculpture of a face with geometric patterns in a rectangle shape.

“Hello” (2022) Duo Matrix Neo.

Right now, I am doing a series of sculpture works incorporating my original forms and found objects using a material called Deo Metrix neo. I have completed 2 sculptures from the series of six and the rest is in progress. The two completed sculptures are titled “Hello” and “The Precious Past.” This series talks about human connections to modern and advanced technology.”

A sculpture of a monkey and a keyboard on a rectangular base.

“The Precious Past” (2022) Duo Matrix Neo.

Connect with Gabriel: 

Instagram: @gabriel4art


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