Photo of Deanne in 100 McCaulIn case the title and subtitle of this blog are not obvious enough, here’s a bit more explanation. I’m Deanne Fisher, OCAD University’s Vice-Provost, Students & International.

What does that mean? Broadly speaking, it means I am responsible for advancing OCAD U’s commitment to the student experience. My portfolio includes the offices of: Financial Aid and Awards, Registrar (including Student Advising), Admissions and Recruitment, the Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers, our International Student Services office and the Mobility/Exchange Program, the Centre for Students with Disabilities and the Health and Wellness Centre. I play a role in policy development and work closely with the OCAD Student Union to make sure we’re responding to issues as they arise. As well, I am supported by OCAD U’s Manager, Student Communications and Campus Community, Sarah Mulholland, who also helps keep this blog current and active.

In addition to my job, I also like squirrels, the smell of wood, and riding a bike. Oh, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In addition to my job, I also like squirrels, the smell of wood, and riding a bike. Oh, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Our goal is to get some good two-way conversation going between students and the OCAD U administration.  The more I can share with you about the challenges and issues I deal with every day, and the more you feed me questions, concerns and ideas, the better my decisions will be.

I have only three rules of engagement for our interactions online:

  1. Don’t reveal any personal information in social media. Email me directly at if your concern involves revealing stuff about your particular situation – or about another student, staff or faculty member.
  2. Understand that some issues take time to resolve. I don’t have a magic wand, and there are lots of issues I don’t have the power to resolve, but Sarah and I will look into anything you bring to our attention.
  3. Don’t be creepy.

You can connect with me on the blog itself (use the comments feature), or on Instagram (@VEEPStudents). Facebook is just for family and friends. Sorry (boundaries.)

– Deanne Fisher

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