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A.Y. Johnson, Drawing & Painting

“Hello! My name is A.Y. Johnson (she/her) and I am a 4th year, Drawing & Painting student. My work centres an interdisciplinary practice (ranging from painting…

A headshot of Jamilah Lambert, OCAD U student.

Jamilah Lambert-Jackson, Illustration

Meet an OCAD U student: “Hi, I’m Jamilah Lambert-Jackson (she/her), a second-year Illustration student at OCAD U. I am a Black, Canadian artist, of Trinidadian descent. I…

Photo of Kelly La, OCAD U student

Kelly La, Graphic Design

Meet an OCAD U student:  “Hi! My name is Kelly La (she/her). Currently, I am a graphic designer, entrepreneur and a 2nd-year student studying Graphic…


Bella Black, Creative Writing

Meet an OCAD U student:  “Hi, my name is Bella Black (she/her) and I am a first-year Creative Writing student at OCAD U. I am…

An image of Pailin Mirault, second-year student

Pailin Mirault, Illustration

Meet an OCAD U student:  “Hi, my name is Pailin Mirault (she/her) and I am a second-year Illustration student. I have a passion for creating futuristic,…

A photo of Vanessa Braga, Environmental Design student

Vanessa Braga, Environmental Design

Meet an OCAD U student:  “Hi, I’m Vanessa Braga (she/her). I’m in the Environmental Design: Interior Design program in my second year. Besides my interest in…


Ræ Azzopardi, Illustration

Meet an OCAD U student:  “Ræ Azzopardi (also known as MORTVL) is a multidisciplinary Toronto-based artist who primarily does illustration, painting, and graphic design. Their…

A photo of Julianna Di Padova, OCAD U student

Julianna Di Padova, Environmental Design

Meet an OCAD U student: “Hi my name is Julianna Di Padova and my pronouns are she/her. I am a second-year student in Environmental Design:…

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