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Marina Shcekacheva

Marina Shchekacheva, Environmental Design

My name is Marina Shchekacheva. Greetings from Vancouver, British Columbia! I am fourth-year Environmental Design and I am passionate about the creation of community-powered public…

Jevonne (Jevi) Peters

Jevonne Peters, Digital Futures

My name is Jevi Peters, a second-year Digital Futures, MFA student. I’m currently in Toronto, but originally from the Caribbean. As a programmer and experimental…

Claire Heidinger

Claire Heidinger, Drawing & Painting

My name is Claire Heidinger and I’m a fourth-year Drawing & Painting student minoring in Art History. My practice incorporates research based in post-colonial literature…

Dehmin Cleland

Dehmin Cleland, Indigenous Visual Culture

I’m Dehmin Osawamick Cleland from Wikwemikong unceded territory, currently residing in Toronto. I’m a third-year student going into my fourth year with a major in…

Shahaab Khan

Shahaab Khan, Environmental Design

Hi, my name is Shahaab Khan and I am a fourth-year thesis student in the Environmental Design program. My thesis topic revolves around social cohesion…

Tusharika Arora

Tusharika Arora, Digital Futures

Hi, I’m Tusharika Arora. I’m in Toronto and I’m going into third-year Digital Futures. I enjoy creating work through embroidery, knitting and painting, but I’m…

adé abegunde

adé abegunde, Environmental Design

Hi! I am adé abegunde. I’m located in Toronto and I’m in my final year of Environmental Design, minoring in Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation. I…

Sara Khalil-Bayley

Sara Khalil-Bayley, Expanded Animation

My name is Sara Khalil-Bayley and I’m a second-year student, majoring in Expanded Animation and minoring in Creative Writing! I’m in Toronto right now, but…

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