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Andres Serrano photographs Cuba (via Vice)

November 28th, 2013 · No Comments · General Posts

Amazingly talented New York photographer Andres Serrano is profiled in this short, aesthetic documentary by Vice as Serrano works in a different manner than usual (out of studio) to capture Cuba.



To delve further, here are select books regarding Serrano and his work at OCAD U Library!


Andres Serrano: The Morgue by Andres Serrano.
Call no. NH139 S36 A5

In works that examine our relationship to death, Serrano photographs corpses from an actual morgue in an unflinching, unsentimental manner.

Image is not the cover for the book. Image: Andres Serrano, The Morgue (Knifed to Death II), 1992, cibachrome, silicone, plexi-glass, wood frame, 49½ x 60”. All photos courtesy of Paula Cooper Gallery via Bomb Magazine article by Anna Blume.


Andres Serrano: Holy Works by Andres Serrano with text by Germano Celant. Call no. NH139 S36 H6
Holy Works is the culmination of Andres Serrano’s vision of Christian iconography, reinterpreted photographically for the present. Serrano’s intention with these works is not to recreate specific medieval or renaissance religious paintings, nor to invest them with the iconoclasm that made his name in the 1980s, but rather to renew the genre of sacred portraiture: “Rather than destroy sacred icons,” says the artist, “I reinvent and reinforce them.” Serrano’s subjects for this series are selected from among his friends and acquaintances, emphasizing (like Caravaggio before him) the ordinariness of human features. The genres and themes are familiar, and Holy Works includes a “Last Supper” and a “Stations of the Cross” (rendered as a triptych panel), as well as bolder portrayals typical of Serrano–a “Blood Madonna” and a “Chinoise Madonna,” for example. This volume is Serrano’s major statement of his religious and artistic belief.


Andres Serrano a history of sex

A History of Andres Serrano/A History of Sex (alternate title – Andres Serrano: A History of Sex) by Andres Serrano. Call no. NH139 S36 H4

Rare catalogue of the exhibition “A History of Andres Serrano/A history of Sex”, held at the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands, 23 February – 19 May, 1997.




Street & Studio: An Urban History of Photography edited by edited by Ute Eskildsen ; with Florian Ebner and Bettina Kaufmann. Call no. NH436 T2

Street & Studio is a magnificent exhibition of international photography. It presents a fascinating history of photographic portraiture taken on the street or in the photographer’s studio, looking at the differences between these two key locations in which photographers work. Street & Studio brings out the contrast between the photos taken in the carefully orchestrated studio, and images captured in the changing and uncontrollable street, whilst highlighting the crossovers between the genres and their influence on each other.

Over 350 striking works are gathered in this stylish exhibition, by some of the world’s most famous and important photographers. Focusing on photos taken in buzzing cities, with their cosmopolitan cast of hipsters, businessmen, beauties and criminals, Street & Studio builds an engrossing urban history of photography, ranging from early black-and-white pictures from the late 1800s, to elegant fashion photography from the mid twentieth century, to cutting-edge portraiture by contemporary artists.


Six Feet Under: Autopsy of Our Relation to the Dead by Kunstmuseum Bern. Call no. N8217 D5 S48

Includes many essays discussing the topic of art and our relation to the dead, as well as short artist biographies and bibliographies, including Andres Serrano.



Death and Resurrection in Art by Enrico De Pascale, translated by Anthony Shugaar. Call no. N8217 D5 D3
As one of the unavoidable realities of human existence, death is also one of the oldest and most common themes in the history of art. From Egyptian tomb paintings and battle scenes on Greek vases by anonymous artists, to depictions of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus by the great Renaissance masters, to contemporary encounters with these subjects by such artists as Damien Hirst and Andres Serrano, the contents of this book highlight three thousand years of the iconography of death and resurrection. While focusing on the Western artistic tradition, the book also includes many artworks from Asia, Africa, and Oceania.” “De Pascale explores depictions of these two subjects thematically, through chapters on violent death, ceremonial tributes to the departed, allegorical depictions of death, and the journey to the afterlife. The book concludes with an examination of symbolic representations of the victory of life over death.

Subject headings to search in the catalogue:

  • Death in art
  • Dead in art
  • Serrano, Andres, 1950-
  • Portrait photography
  • Photography, Artistic
  • Human figure in art
  • Religion in art

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