Dev 3 – Group 6: AnasRaza,FaraasKhan



What is it you are trying to figure out?

Our main goal at this stage is to test sending and receiving data from the robot arm. From this, we are currently investigating visual effects that can be generated with robotic arm data, including visceral effects emerging from the synchronized physical motion of the arm with on-screen graphical media, and whether this combination creates a unique and immersive experience. A potential application of this combination is to create interactive installations that incorporate both visual and participatory physical elements. In the next stage, we hope to explore the possibilities of having the robot arm respond to human movement (if circumstances allow).

Documentation of process and results

For this exploration we are using an existing P5 code example and replacing the motion or interaction co-ordinates with X and Y of the robot arm. Because of the arm orientation, we have mapped Y-value of the arm with the screen’s X-coordinates and Z-values of the arm with screen Y-coordinates.

let rx = map(rposY, -260, 200, 100, windowWidth-100);
let ry = map(rposZ, 455, 875, windowHeight-100, 100 );


in case GIF doesn’t work

How did it go?

This experiment went well, we think. We had the opportunity to practice preliminary yet crucial steps, including establishing server connections, data calibrations and creative explorations.

Learning Experience

Every interaction with robotic arm is a learning experience at this stage. Just knowing how to control the robot externally opens many possibilities for us. The most important lesson while working on this part of the assignment was to figure out data Mapping. The published values are very different from the graphic’s coordinates. Data calibration is the most critical part of any project where two different digital systems interact. We are using Map() function to calibrate data in this setting, but as this project becomes more complex, constraints for incoming or outgoing values may be needed. We hope to learn more about controlling the robot arm as we progress to the next stages.

Forked code:


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