Project 1: Lost In_Group 2

Lost in

Group2: Siyu Sun, Yueming Gao, Maryam Dehghani



Project Description

In this mission, we study the control of the robotic arm and establish the operating range to carry out the automatic shooting. The controllability of the robotic arm has inspired us to use it in experimental video production. An experimental film is a film with a single objective language, without narration or subversion of traditional storytelling techniques. It mainly creates short films and closely relates to surrealism, expressionism, and avant-garde art. The methods used in the experimental film include defocusing, distortion, staining, repetition and quick editing of the image. Furthermore, unsynchronized sound and image, voice variations, grotesque characters and vague themes are also common styles in experimental movies.

To achieve a unique camera lens in experimental film, we think robotic arms are a good starting point for research. So we would like to test this technique on our first mission.


Project Concept

We live in a world full of sound, and people Can not control what will happen in their life. We may feel depressed, sad, and happy. How to face the situation when something happens in our life? The only thing we can do is create opportunities and become stronger.








How we made it?

Totally there are 4 scenes in this video.





  • Mark some objects as a circle around the plate
  • Set the angle and position of the first waypoint
  • Set up every waypoint

The camera repeatedly crosses between the empty plate and the candle, symbolizing the diversity of events at the same time.







  • One-shot
  • The camera moves closer to the paper.
  • The camera follows the movement of the writing.
  • The camera follows the movement of throwing the paper ball.

This part just narrative the person who is in the mood very angry,  she just wrote down some words on the paper and throw it away, trying to relieve herself.





  • Projected the visual on the wall.
  • The camera closed to the wall and then do the rotated movement.

We use the rotated movement in order to achieve the concept of fizzy, it is in the mood as well.





  • Goes up and down to zoom the lens of the camera.

Candles are a symbol of sunlight, brightness and hope.  Always at the height of despair, we should look for the openings of hope, every valuable person around us, every goal we have for the future and even every good memory we have from the past, search for them all… each one is like a  The light shines in our hearts.


About MAYA:




At the begging(Dev1 Assignment), we are trying to record the First Scene, but we didn’t pay more attention to the environment set up, this is the first video we are recording:

It is easy to see the messy background and even can see people in the view. So for this case, and we want to make a film, it is not suitable to show this stuff. And we remake the first scene. And then for the MAYA, we got a lot of experiences as well. Such as should consider more about the environmental situation and think of how to design the movement.

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