Project 2 – Group 5

My Robot Coach

Group 5: Wentian Zhu, Ellie Huang, Jiamin Liu, Yifan Xu



Bounty Hunter on Cloud:

In this project, we investigated the potential of robot arms to enhance sports and gaming training in a simulated environment. In the physical world, expertise in sports and games usually entails repetitive exercise and access to appropriate equipment. Unfortunately, such resources may not be accessible to everyone, which is where robot arms come in as a valuable aid. By generating virtual scenes and offering support for sports or game-based training, robot arms can be of tremendous assistance to a wider population.
Through the use of technologies such as Arduino, WebSocket, and Unity, we were able to demonstrate how robot arms can be used to create an immersive and engaging training experience that promotes hand-eye coordination and quick thinking. However, challenges such as the optimal delay time in the communication between softwares need to be addressed to improve the overall gaming experience.

In addition, the feedback on the game’s representation of guns and shooting from a political perspective highlights the potential for exploring the concept further. By tying it into current societal, cultural, and political issues, we can create a thought-provoking experience that engages players in a dialogue about violence, human society, technology, and ethics.




The Arduino converts the data into JSON format and sends it to the WebSocket server, which in turn receives the data and sends it to Unity. Unity then converts the received data and convert it into C# format.


Arduino Diagram and Container Design


Environment Setup


User Flow



Design Process

Step 1: Connect both Arduino and Unity to Websocket

In Step 1, we connected Arduino and Unity to the WebSocket for real-time data transfer, use a light sensor and laser pointer to trigger animations, add a score system, reset button, and LED light strip for feedback. This created an engaging game experience that responds promptly to user actions.



Step 2: Refinement

In Step 2, we refined the scene design and created storylines that will add depth to the game. We also started to consider the design of the Arduino container and cable organization to enhance user experience. Lastly, We changed the scoreboard to a reward system that will make the game more engaging and encourage players to continue playing.

Step 3: Final Adjustment

In Step 3, We laser cut the monster as the target and added ambient light to create a more immersive gaming experience, then we programmed the robot arm to respond to user’s movements, and enhancing the design of the Arduino container. These improvements allowed a more seamless and enjoyable game and helped us to reach a wider audience, including gamers and professional athletes looking to improve their reaction time and critical thinking skills.



Link to presentation slides:

Github Link:



Unity Assets:

Magic Effects Free:

Free Pixel Font – Thaleah:

Pixel Art Icon Pack – RPG:

Simple Heart Health System:

LowPoly Environment Pack:

Adventurer Blake:

Character Cactus:

Sound Effects:

Minecraft Villager Hurt Sound Effect:

“8 Bit World!” Fun Upbeat Chiptune Game Music by HeatleyBros:

3 2 1 0 Countdown With Sound Effect | No Copyright | Ready To Use:

WIN sound effect no copyright:


Comic speech bubble with vs text:

Big win surprise banner in comic style:

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