Dev 3


For this assignment, our goal was to successfully connect to the robot using Processing and Websocket, and experiment with how the robot responds based on data from Processing. These software were chosen due to comfortability. This activity is not directly related to project 2, but rather it is to get familiar with using different programming software and familiar with the robot, through software, as well as inspire a project direction.


It was a difficult process due to various conundrums. The first revolved around my laptop being outdated, in which I had to update my macOS system to meet compatibility demands of the various software needed. The second revolved around connection with the robot. Despite being connected, I was not getting any live input data from the robot. The third revolved around the robot not wanting to listen, due to confusion from the code/script, or other. With patient, self-troubleshooting through google search and video modules, along with asking other students for assistance, we were able to get the process moving along.

What I learned

This dev 3 activity helped me understand the interaction between robot, software, and the human (me). I learned that it is important to understand coordinates of the robot’s XYZ axis, in order to be familiar with the language that the robot understand, or how the robot responds to instructions to translate that into movement. This helped with getting the robot to move the way the I wanted it to move. Additionally, in the beginning, I had trouble getting connected with the robot from my laptop, even after doing all the set-up steps correctly. From this experience, I learned that the robot’s system would get confused if it receives more than one internet signal, and wouldn’t always be able to tell which system it should listen to. I was able to trouble shoot by turning my wifi on and off, so that one connection stays dominant.

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