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My plan for project 2 is to have a giant and soft toy hammer attached to the gripper of the robot arm, kept stationary, and then there will be a person studying or working on a table next to the robot arm. Whenever the person was about to fall asleep on the table due to fatigue and sleepiness, the robot arm would move towards him with the giant hammer and then hit him on the head with the hammer to wake him up. 

As a progress of project 2, I have finished the initial fabrication and design of the tool attached to the robot arm, as well as some simple drafts to help understand my idea. Regarding tool selection, I chose a softer material for the head of the cone, so that I could wake the user up but not hurt them or to the point where they couldn’t take it. At the same time, I chose to use a hard material for the rod of the hammer, compared to the soft material, so that the hammer can be more stable to be attached to the gripper. Therefore, I used a rolled-up blanket as the head of the hammer, and then inserted the internal cardboard wallpaper roll, and then used the tape to fix its joints. Thus, my homemade hammer is complete, but the next step is to put it on the gripper to test. At the same time, the hammer and gripper connection also need further testing to ensure stability. 


screenshot-2023-03-31-at-8-57-43-pm screenshot-2023-03-31-at-8-57-36-pm screenshot-2023-03-31-at-8-57-27-pm


What I learned 

In terms of the consideration and selection of tools carried out so far, I had to take into account some of the limitations and feasibility of the robot, for example, I had to choose rigid rods to match the size and stability of the gripper on the robot arm. Because the current robot is not yet able to adapt to all environments and conditions, there will be many limitations, so we as designers must take this into account. At the same time, I used the soft material to make the head of the hammer from the human (user) point of view, if it is a real “wake-up human robot”, first of all, it can never cause harm to humans, and secondly, if each strike will touch too much pain, the user may stop using this function or robot. Therefore, we need to take into account the various factors of both robots and humans and then find a good balance. 

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