Mustafa Abdel Fattah

Atelier II: Collaboration

Project #4

Project Description

FRAGMENTS is a projection installation created by Mustafa Abdel Fattah. It illustrates the concept of faded experiences and raises the question; if objects had memories what would they be? Following the perspective of a children’s toy, a loop of the toy’s distorted memories is revealed and it’s up to the viewer to interpret them.

FRAGMENTS began as an exploration into the significance of childhood memories to adults and how memories shape adults to become who they are. Associated with one’s childhood are children’s toys; which are known to be linked to some of the deepest of memories for every individual. This piece aimed to show a glimpse of the memories that accompanies a children’s toy and subtly commented on the subject of passing time and growing age. As the concept became refined, FRAGMENTS grew to showcase the passing of time and the diminishing significance of children’s toys in one’s life as toys become just another memory.

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