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D E S K – A Vaporwave Experience

By Harit Lad, Sanmeet Chahil and William Selviz Abstract D E S K, a VR experience showcasing the life of a former office worker packing up their most dearest, yet mundane, belongings with a V A P O R W A V E twist. Project Description We developed this VR experiment after deconstructing the human […]

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Project ShadowCast

By Harit Lad and William Selviz It started off as a way to bring recursive patterns into our everyday lives by creating fractal inspired Christmas ornaments. We then realized that in order to provide some uniqueness to our idea, some tweaks needed to be made. From there, we explored the options of applying fractals in […]

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Harit Lad, William Selviz What does it mean? Meaning one:┬áThe image represents human connection and interaction by showing the shells or layers each person possesses. At the core of each person is a space of nothingness which can be interpreted as either a place of peace and quietness or a place void of everything. Alternate […]

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