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Low-Poly Plant Room

Pandy, Sydney, Julie, Vivian, Tania DIGF-2004-001 December 7, 2017   Concept/What it is: After being inspired by Haru’s classes of (what some would call) biological design, we decided to create a low-poly computer game based off of a Unity game called Superhot by the Superhot Team. Using the word “game” very loosely, we built an […]

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Thorn Choker

Julianne Quiday (Just Julie) Katrina Larson (Kat)   Description/Concept After realizing that the weather was/is changing drastically, we decided to make a tattoo corresponding to global warming. We made a thorn vine tattoo choker where the thorns each represent a month of the year, and the size varying depending on the temperature anomaly for each […]

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Atelier I: Discovery 001 Touch Interface Prototype Katrina Larson (3159289) Julianne Quiday (3155370) Pandy Ma (3157657)   Sept, 28th, 2017   SynthCube Prototype   PROJECT DESCRIPTION: For this project we wanted to experiment with sound. We found ourselves watching videos of people making different songs with something called a MIDI, and so we tried incorporating […]

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