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IDEATION // DESIGN Upon finalization of the supercomputer idea, we asked one of the original Niero group members from the design proposal assignment to give us further insight with regard to structure and their vision of how we should design the enclosure for this project. We relayed some ideas around the newly formed group about […]

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Mustafa Abdelfattah, Sanmeet Chahil, Tristan Santos Pixelated Album Tattoos For this assignment we all had a common interest in music and the pixel aesthetic, and wanted to ultimately posterize our favourite albums and artists as a wearable tattoo. As a result, we represented artist album covers through a pixel generating code sketch that corresponded the […]

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Jerez Bain, Sanmeet Chahil, Johan Seaton Prototype Description TetherPad is a musical interface powered by Arduino that offers an interactive sound-shaping experience using Firmata, Ableton Live, Max (Max for Live), and for this prototype, a granular synthesis engine. We envisioned the idea of creating an affordable, low-cost yet sturdy DIY pad controller to be used […]

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