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Blog Post 5

Mika Hirata 3154546   Luna Luna was a calm and relaxing experience with amazing sound effects. The visual was extremely beautiful and the details made me feel like I was in a painting. At first, I found the control a little bit hard to understand, since the grabbing motion only worked on some objects. Also […]

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Sky Lantern Festival


Description Sky Lantern Festival is a VR experience that is meant to be simultaneously relaxing, beautiful and contemplative. Unlike the conventional use of VR, the user is meant to be seated and laying down facing the sky. With the theme being ‘Biography of Things’, I believe sky lanterns are a timeless representation of objects that have been given agency. […]

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Window House

By Erika Davis, Ziyi Wang, and Natalie Le Huenen This project is open source. View the entire project on GitHub: Project Description: Window House is an interactive digital world where viewers explore surreal fictional environments. Our aim was to create something that’s timeless and can be experienced universally. Free of any form of language, […]

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D E S K – A Vaporwave Experience

By Harit Lad, Sanmeet Chahil and William Selviz Abstract D E S K, a VR experience showcasing the life of a former office worker packing up their most dearest, yet mundane, belongings with a V A P O R W A V E twist. Project Description We developed this VR experiment after deconstructing the human […]

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Mika Hirata 3154546, Vivian Wong 3158686, Anran Zhou 3157820 Concept HOKUSAI is an interactive art installation experience of culturally influenced art illustrating the evolution of the famous Japanese artist, Katsushika Hokusai. Projected on a paper-like hanging screen, we bring Hokusai’s artwork to life, in an inviting, open, interactive space. Layered in a parallax formation to display depth, […]

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When You’re Gone

Sydney Pallister, Julianne Quiday, Pandy Ma, Vivian Fu, Tania Samokhvalova Project Concept: The focus was to create a small indoor space that players could explore and find a narrative within. The game followed two key concepts: storytelling and the transition of object agency. Together, we designed a room to tell the personal story of two people […]

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Mustafa Abdel Fattah Atelier II: Collaboration Project #4 Project Description FRAGMENTS is a projection installation created by Mustafa Abdel Fattah. It illustrates the concept of faded experiences and raises the question; if objects had memories what would they be? Following the perspective of a children’s toy, a loop of the toy’s distorted memories is revealed […]

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Wiring Team

Wiring Team DIGF-2005-001 January 25, 2018   Wiring   Process:   Things to look in to: Communicating between boards Multiple nanos and multiple screens Connecting the uno with sensors Photoresistor, potentiometer, pressure sensor (just one of each) Communication of sensor nano to all other nanos Redundancy Labelling system On screens On Nanos On […]

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