Experiment 4 – Progress Report

Brian Nguyen – 3160984

Andrew Ng-Lun – 3164714

Michael Shefer – 3155884

Rosh Leynes – 3164714

Soup of Stars


The inspiration of the project developed as we looked into the potential of our original concept. We started off with the inspiration of movement and and implementing it with analog sensors as a form of a ball game where users would attempt to keep the ball up with their body parts that has sensors attached. After reviewing several pieces we decided to develop the concept based entirely on a webcam because we wanted the body to be the entire subject of the concept

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The project utilizes a webcam along with Posenet and P5. With the Posenet library, a skeleton is constructed based off the subject registered via the webcam. Within P5 a visual is constructed in the background of a particle system intended to resemble stars. While still focusing on movement, the particle system will react to the movement of the skeleton (mostly limbs). As the arms move across the canvas, the particle systems would swirl and twist following the movement of the skeleton. The skeleton of the subject would appear on the canvas. Additionally, more than one individual can be registered as a skeleton as long as they are in proper view of the webcam. The intent is to provide a sense of interactivity where the individual has an impact to the environment and can alter it the way they see fit.


Pictured above is the skeleton using the Posenet demo that will be controlling the particle system. The movement of the limbs will be crucial in altering the environment. There are some issues where some limbs aren’t recognized at times especially when they are close to the body.


Pictured above is the implementation of the Posenet library with P5


Previous Materials/Experiments

For experiment 3, we’ve used the webcam with P5 to construct an image using particles. We managed to manipulate the particles with a sensor that then combined with the webcam feed. For this experimentation, we’re still using familiar elements such as the particle system in P5 and the webcam feed projection but altering its concept and their relation to one another.

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