The Outrageous L.A. Quiz Game!- Book++ Project


Ermar Tanglao

Joseph Eiles

Kiana Romeo



Our project “The Outrageous LA Quiz Game” is a quiz game based upon the book we chose titled Outrageous LA in which three players compete against each other in order to gain the most points through answering eight different questions. Each outlandish question presents the player with four different answers. Once the player selects an answer, they are locked into it and cannot change their answer; if the player answers correctly then they are immediately rewarded with a point that is tracked through a number on the player controller. Once every player has answered, the game host then proceeds to the next slide or question through their host controller.

On a technical level the quiz is comprised of sixteen different slides, eight for each question and another eight for the answer to the corresponding question. The quiz show is comprised of five different controllers with each controller having its own independent code. Three controllers are designated for each player, one controller is designated to the host so that he/she can select the next slide or reset the game, while the last part of the code controls the question and answer slides.

screen-shot-2019-01-28-at-3-45-55-pm question2


The programming language we used for the project was P5.js. We used this language because we were the most comfortable writing code with it and learning another programming language or using another software could possibly be difficult to learn. For the way we presented our work we decided to have it be projected from a projector because it would act like a screen for the players to look at in a manner akin to Jeopardy and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

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The book our group chose was Outrageous LA, a book highlighting all the weird and quirky aspects of Los Angeles in the 1980’s. It was full of fun facts and interesting images that one would not only not normally associate with LA culture, but also facts that are definitely not widely known. The ridiculousness and randomness of the book really gave us a lot of wiggle room in terms of coming up with a concept. This made us want to create a way to test people on these random facts, but to make it interesting instead of just making a simple test or an informational program.

We aimed to make our project as fun as possible and so we came up with the idea of a game show. We examined many older game show themes to come up with a way to format our quiz game and decided on a Who Wants to be a Millionaire type concept in which all the questions appeared on the screen and the player would have to choose the right one. We also paid great attention to the aesthetics of the project and tried to make them as 80’s themed as possible. The only issue with that was it turned out quite unattractive and so we decided to use a more late 80s/ 90s theme for the question slides and buttons. In all, we aimed to make a colourful, nostalgic and fun experience for our players.

answer3 answer1


Within our project we had a few problems. The first had been getting the slides to communicate with both the game host’s controls as well as the players’. For a while, when the host’s controls were clicked it either affected the player or the question slides when it was meant to change both. This was easily fixed by changing the channel name to the same thing on each page of code.

As well as that, we had issues with getting the buttons to revert back to their original colour when the question was reset and getting the points to change only when the correct answer was selected.


An issue that was never solved was that the buttons did not work on iOS devices. This would ultimately cause issues if a large group were to try to open the controllers on their iOS devices and would therefore be our next steps in making the project more cohesive. Furthermore,  we would add more to the game like music, make the question slides themselves interactive and also make it so that points accumulated based on speed of choice and not only if anyone got it right. A stretch goal would be to make it on Unity so that the game show would be immersive as if you were actually on set of a game show!

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