Blog Post #1 – VR Object Creation

Game experience 

The first creative tool that I experienced is the Superhot VR game. It brings the player into a world full of angry red glass man (I saw three of them every level that I played through, but there might be more in other levels). The player needs to fight the red glass man by using different weapons that the system offers at the beginning, such as a gun, a hammer, a darts, and even with your own punch. At the beginning of the game, the red glass characters move really wried: sometimes they move fast and sometimes they just stop in a place. Then I got the idea that time in SuperHot VR follows the movement/speed of the player — as the player moves fast/slow, they move fast/slow. It means that the player has full control of the world in the Superhot VR game, which I think it’s the coolest thing of this game.

The other game that I played is the boxing game, which I believe is called the Creed: Rise to Glory VR Boxing Launch (it might be wrong, I didn’t see the name clearly). In this game, the background/environment (sage, the referee, and the character) is really real, which increases the interactivity of the player.  All the player has to do is using different gestures that the system teaches at the beginning to defeat the strong boxer in front of you.  I think it’s a representative experience of how VR builds strong interactivity with the player.

Building Experience


I experienced Blocks by Google and created a simple3D  ice cream model. For a low-poly model, I think the system and the functions of each section are really clear, straightforward, and easy to understand/work. I think it’s a really interesting and amazing process to experience building a model just in front of me and I can control it only with my hand, but not using the keyboard, the mouse, and the PC.

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