Pre Production – Tenzin Tsephel

Genre: Indie 

Keywords: 80s, Retrowave, Synthwave, Cyberpunk 

Aliens are invading Earth! Satan and his daughter have risen from Hell to save all mortals and to get rid of the ruckus right above their home. 

Music Inspo


Roles: Concept Artist, Modeller, Texture, Lighting, Sound Design. 

I will mainly be focusing on asset creation for the environment and hopefully add some sound design (music). 

Project Pipeline  

Story => Concept Art (Character/Prop sketches + World Layout) => Modelling (Buildings/Stores + Characters + Props) => Texturing => Scene Set Up => Lighting (Neon lights + Street lights + Store Lights) => Visual Effects (small flames for some props) => Rendering => Compositing => Final Production

Week 4/5 : modelling smaller assets (characters/props) and start creating environment
Week 6: texturing smaller assets and testing visual effects for props
Week 7: texturing buildings and street
Week 8/9:  create and test lighting on buildings such as neon lights/lanterns/street lights
Week 10: compositing or doing any more cleaning up
Week 11: render and finalize

Game Art: In my belief, video games have always been a form of art. From the past when we had Ataris and simple pixelated games to now, when we have full blown cinematic experiences and first-person narratives that we can control in an open world. Game art can be so diverse, due to how many genres and type of games there are that cater to different audiences. Each game also has their own aesthetic that fit their genre or the studio/creator. It makes the video game experience much more authentic and evokes an emotional response from gamers which in turn, make them have a much more satisfying experience. It could be the slight animation of the wind blowing through the trees or the lighting of the sun’s rays inside a dark green sea, which all create an unforgettable atmosphere. An example is the Life is Strange series by DONTNOD that has its own colour theme and art style which came to life from the concept artist’s unique work also supported with indie music. Therefore, game art is the aesthetic design in a video game, through concept art, modelling, animation, sound design, levelling and every other role that goes into producing the whole overall appearance of the game. 

Strengths and Weaknesses: My greatest strengths would be my experience with Blender, Photoshop and Illustrator. With Blender I have a one-time experience with creating shapes and using nodes for texturing as well as controlling lighting for a scene I modelled on my own. My weaknesses would be Maya and Unity which I want to both learn at least the basics of and have some use of it for my final production for my lighting or small vfx. I am also not that great at time management or scheduling because I don’t work as well that way but hope to get better. (T_T)

Fantasy Forest


Fantasy Library

Simplistic, colorful and cute high fantasy library assets that are repeatable and can be used for a level in a game.



What is game art?

  • Game art is oftentimes visual art used as assets or for designing a game. This is because its creation process is the same as “normal” art, in which a concept is expressed through design. The main difference is that it can require further steps to be integrated into the game.


Strengths and Weaknesses


Concept making and texturing.


3D thinking, UV unwrapping, rendering and lighting.


Dorelia – utopia –


Pre – production (1st deliverable)

Dors GAO 3175995 Lee Li 3161145 Aimee Chen 3175492


  • A fantasy magic village environment
  • Button of the sea
  • Fairy story  –  water sprite or Nessie
  • Lotus/ Fishes etc. Animals and Plants


  • Sketches & Design
  • Modelling – C4D
  • Textures – Substance Painter & Photoshop
  • Render
  • Animation – C4D


Why water?

‘Water is the source of life. Everything starts from the water. The mystery of the water is worth exploring and feeling.’ We use this concept as a starting point to convey this message to players. The unknown underwater provides us space to create, and taking the underwater world as the topic would expand the design of various environmental concepts and creatures, most importantly, the underwater environment could bring people a sense of tranquility.

What’s in the water?

Strange creatures, breathtaking environment, and wonderful stories hidden in the water. Players can experience these elements one by one while exploring the underwater world.

What can we do in the water?

Watch and explore the mysteries of underwater, interact with underwater creatures or objects to obtain the memories stored in them: what we want to create is a mysterious underwater world, we aimed to guide the player to explore the underwater world to feel the tranquility and harmony.

What does water bring to us?

Conceptually, we want to create this kind of underwater atmosphere to make players free their thoughts and emotions, escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and experience the fun of relaxation in the atmosphere created by underwater creatures and the underwater environment.

  • Overview

  • Architecture

  • Plants

  • Animals

  • Character

  • Other stuff

Visual References
  • mood board
  • Architecture

  • Plants

  • Animals

  • Characte

SCHEDULE & Concept art powerpoint

What is Game Art ?

In terms of game art, it is an indispensable and important element in game production. If a game lacks artistic elements, it will lack visual experience and be no different from a bunch of boring code. Therefore, an excellent game should have both good concept and visual impact, and whether its concept and visual effects can be perfectly presented to the player depends on it has brilliant game art or not. In general, all the visual elements you experienced in a game could be defined as game art.

Strengths & Weakness

Based on the concept that the game we are going to work on is focusing on the performance of visual experience, we expect that the game would express the ‘atmosphere’ to the greatest extent in order to guide players to discover a variety of sensory experiences. Compare with other level-breaking games or RPG games, Dorelia may lack the challenge and joy of breaking, but in terms of visual experience, Dorelia will challenge the players’ senses in different angles, and our team workers will do our best to present players with a mysterious underwater world.