Interview with MacKenzie Marquessa


Overall Comment

It provides me a new photo experience. I feel as if I had really gone to a maple leaf forest instead of my own little garden. These photos also capture the unique beauty of Marple leaves in Ontario. Art and design from daily life are attravtive to me, and I am enjoying in it. This unique electronic album is also presented in a special and unique way just like film photo.

What was your original idea for this project?

I wanted to interact with the changing season in a way that was meaningful and unique. I really love the fall season that happens in Ontario and felt as though the best way to encapsulate it was through an AR experience that could be taken anywhere. It then brought up the idea of being able to share this album with friends and family who want to experience the fall in Ontario. The idea began to grow beyond simply one roll of film. What if I was able to create many unique AR experiences with a multimedia approach? This is what drove me to create this album and will continue to inspire me to create more.

What’s inspired you?

In October, I took a trip to a beautiful lake and was surrounded by rolling hills or red, orange, and yellow trees. This was my first full fall in Ontario and my first time leaving the city to actually experience it. So, what inspired me to create this AR project was to take the film photos that I took on this trip and bring them to life through an AR experience. I was also really attracted to the juxtaposition of using film photos in such a digital way.

How’s the process of creating your AR project?

The process began with me taking photos, videos, and audio clips over the last month and gathering them into Adobe Aero or linking to external media. I have some experience with UX/UI principles and was able to find time to create a very short onboarding flow with Adobe Xd to inform the user what to expect. I chose to use audio and video to enhance the experience of the photos because this allows the user to visualize the imagery in a more engaging and impactful way. I got a lot of pleasure out of creating this idea. Although I found the constraints of Aero limiting at times, it helped to guide me for my first time building in the AR space. Overall the process was exciting and challenging, also a little bit frustrating but that always seems to be the case when working with tech.

If you had more time to complete your project; how would you design? Would you use the same software?

I would change the images into 3D objects where the user is able to enter the environment and the sounds of the leaves being stepped on plays automatically. It would also be ideal if the videos were embedded and played when the user enters the proximity. I tried to communicate the idea of a multisensory experience, but I would definitely improve it with later iterations.

Well if I knew how to build an open sources WebXr experience I absolutely would. The original idea was so exciting to me because I have so many photos from other trips with family and friends and if I could send them an interactive photo album that acts as a time capsule, it would bring everyone involved great joy!




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