Sounding Body Progress Report

© 2020 Jiaxi Pan. All rights reserved.

I’m trying to do a microphone interaction where the external sound reaches a certain value, it plays an audio clip and the pattern on the canvas changes. I am going to use Autodesk Recap to scan a half-face. I use … Continue reading

Water Stone

© 2020 Kahani Ploessl. All rights reserved.

  Water Stone is an exploration of movement and form in physical and digital space, bridging the gap between technology and organicism as a means to enhance and investigate our experience with the elements. Life and movement are recalled overtop a fossil – a … Continue reading


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Final P5js link: The project started with an idea of creating sort of a vault system like face ID where you can only access your information with your face. So i tried to use KNN classifier to … Continue reading


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Poaceae is a digital personification of natural growth. “Poaceae”, the taxonomic name for grass, invites the viewer to observe its thin verdant blades creep and encumber the naked space before it. Displayed on a CRT TV, this piece emulates feelings of … Continue reading


© 2019 Kahani Ploessl. All rights reserved.

Rorschach is a personal experience that invites viewers to gaze and contemplate. The fluid form are designed to lure out underlying thoughts. The patterns unfold before you in hypnotic languid impressions, allowing instances of recognition, reflection, and revelation in its generated imagery. … Continue reading

Mr Spock’s Pin

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Leanna Barwick DIGF-2014-001-Atelier 1 Experiment 2: Machine Teaching Github Project Mr Spock’s Pin: Project gateway Code for the sketch   Code example expanded: I built upon the poseNet example from the ML5 website and The Coding Train tutorial, and also incorporated … Continue reading

Electric Fish

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Electric Fish is a compilation of distorted underwater footage created by artificial intelligence. The concept was to take inspiration from Atlantic alien landscapes, a composition of swaying currents atop mossy, rich corals, and amplify these enigmatic effects in organic and … Continue reading

Pose.Net Generative Art

© 2019 Aljumaine Gayle. All rights reserved.

Project Description: The overall objective of this project was to find a way to capture movement data to see which gestures users repeat while using the experience. Pose.Net Generative Art is a machine learning project which uses Pose.Net.JS which is … Continue reading

Pokemon Type Guesser

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Thomas Liu Atelier I: Discovery 001 Project Description My project is a webpage that uses the ml5 library to guess what Pokemon type an inputted image would be, from either fire, water, grass, normal, fighting, flying, poison, electric, psychic, bug, … Continue reading