Mr Spock’s Pin

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Leanna Barwick DIGF-2014-001-Atelier 1 Experiment 2: Machine Teaching Github Project Mr Spock’s Pin: Project gateway Code for the sketch   Code example expanded: I built upon the poseNet example from the ML5 website and The Coding Train tutorial, and also incorporated … Continue reading

Electric Fish

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Electric Fish is a compilation of distorted underwater footage created by artificial intelligence. The concept was to take inspiration from Atlantic alien landscapes, a composition of swaying currents atop mossy, rich corals, and amplify these enigmatic effects in organic and … Continue reading

Pose.Net Generative Art

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Project Description: The overall objective of this project was to find a way to capture movement data to see which gestures users repeat while using the experience. Pose.Net Generative Art is a machine learning project which uses Pose.Net.JS which is … Continue reading

Pokemon Type Guesser

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Thomas Liu Atelier I: Discovery 001 Project Description My project is a webpage that uses the ml5 library to guess what Pokemon type an inputted image would be, from either fire, water, grass, normal, fighting, flying, poison, electric, psychic, bug, … Continue reading

Face Pong-Machine Learning Documentation

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  Machine Teaching Documentation || Machine Teaching Documentation Sam Kingston 3173258 Professor Adam Tindale DIGF-2014-001 OCAD U October 28, 2019      For this assignment, my plan was to create a model that could distinguish between different fingers being held … Continue reading

Frog Pond – Machine Learning Game

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Max Shapovalov 3168781 DIGF-2014-001 About I created a simple game using machine learning that I call Frog Pond. The goal of the game is quite simple, you are a fly that must dodge frogs to stay alive. Using my laptop’s … Continue reading

Monster of the Week Identifier

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Title: Monster of the Week Identifier Course: Atelier I: Discovery 001 Name: Shannen Guntoro GitHub Project GitHub Repository: Project Code HTML Code: Javascript: Expanded Example Test 1: Test 2: Test 3: Test 4: The final assignment was … Continue reading