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10 000 Photos

By: Kahani Ploessl, Aljumaine Gayle, and Joshua Igwe

10 000 Photos is a webpage that allows users to take photos across several computer browsers in real-time. Comprised of three (or more) computers, arranged circularly to create a physical space, users interact by clicking a mouse to trigger all browsers to take a picture. Each new click adds a successive photograph, arranged side by side into a series. The circular arrangement of monitors bridges the digital divide; each laptop captures the same instant within the space at different angles.

Inspired by Eijkelboom’s photographic work, 10 000 Photos explores themes of identity through serialized imagery. The piece heightens this experience by pulling the users into the series, one they have the power to create themselves. Users simultaneously play the photographer and the subject, teetering between the two in displays that invite reflection. Each computer displays different perspectives in the same way Eijkelboom identifies the similarities between strangers.



Stage 1: Brainstorm and develop individual ideas with p5 and pubnub. 

We produced three experimental sketches to demonstrate the possible interactions between users by utilizing a Javascript library called P5.js. We also used Pubnub to connect multiple computers and cell phones. At this stage, the base photo capturing sketch was made pubnub compatible. Achieved by making button publish a message that is picked up by readIncoming, triggers snapshot. Please find below a link to each of the experiments we produced to test out interactions.

Experiment Link 1:

Experiment Link 2:

Experiment Link 3 (Photo Capture Sketch):

Stage 2: Select final project idea. 

Selected photo capturing sketch. Removed button and replaced with mouse click function.


Stage 3: Develop and test different digital layout 

Played around with different modes of layout and distortion. Discussed thoughtful displays that would be both interesting and relevant. The layout we eventually decided was the series method; we found the series to be surprisingly impactful while being very true to our source material. Iterations are shown below:

screen-shot-2019-10-01-at-3-42-11-pm          screen-shot-2019-10-01-at-3-42-51-pm screen-shot-2019-10-01-at-4-09-08-pm          screen-shot-2019-10-01-at-3-44-00-pm screen-shot-2019-09-12-at-3-36-25-pm

Stage 4: Physical Layout

Our last step was to find a way to use our cameras and monitors to create a true space that connects the physical and digital experiences. We tested various setups, decided that creating a circular space big enough to walk through yet small enough to create an intimate space was the most successful.


Room Layout 

For the room layout, we decided that it would be very interesting if we could get a group of users to occupy the same space in which they can activate the camera’s together. We opted for a set up that involved placing the external displays and laptops in a circle. We wanted to use a similar technique found predominantly within stop motion or photogrammetry of objects. The purpose of placing the laptops and external displays in a circle allows for there to be different perspectives and angles. This allows for the series to create a reflection on identity while also creating a space.Please find below an image that displays what the layout of our experience would look like using only two displays. 


Caption: Person / Object- placed in the view of the camera. Laptop cameras- positioned to capture different angles. Tv screens - projecting the final image.


Github Repo Link & Code 

Code: Pubnub, P5.js, Javascript, P5.Js References 

PubNub Publish and Subscribe Keys 

Publish Key: pub-c-1d3be3ec-b6c3-4d03-bb68-2435b9a1cd8e

Subscribe Key: sub-c-8ead9dce-d5af-11e9-b2f2-9a66d3fcadaa

GitHub Repo link:
Live Demo Link:


Additional Images:

71202544_2472582076344616_6119505932037652480_n 71184871_682562785576925_1290620239175745536_n 71017303_2486197974751217_4317894574455390208_n 71102732_449068399049285_3930974031754297344_n 70907125_2551125338300472_3777117724707127296_n 71304320_390049441935009_6756144089600622592_n

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