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Mad Libs – Group 5

Mad Libs Together - Based on: Collecting Antiques on a Low Income by Geoffrey W. Beard

By:Max Shapovalov (3168781), Mikhail Mata (3172420), Dawn Murphy (3167772)

Mad Libs is a game where one player prompts others for a list of words to incorporate into a story often resulting in a hilarious outcome. Our group investigated the humorous aspects of Mad Libs and translated the game to a digital, multi-user format that we called Mad Libs Together.

Similarly to the original game, Mad Libs Together demands prompts until all of the blanks in the story are filled in, however this is accomplished through our program instead of a player. The roles of this player include, prompting and filling in the blanks, which we replaced with an array system, as well as revealing and reading the story which we accomplished by printing the completed story and using the P5 text to speech API to read it aloud. The only required input on this page of the program is selecting a story to share with the players.

In Mad Libs Together players use their phones to send their prompts. The interactive game can support any number of players, however it is best experienced with 2-5 users. Once a player submits a word, the prompt will automatically change for all players, keeping the experience fun and fast paced.

Story Creation:

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Network Hierarchy:


Documentation Videos:




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