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Poaceae is a digital personification of natural growth. “Poaceae”, the taxonomic name for grass, invites the viewer to observe its thin verdant blades creep and encumber the naked space before it. Displayed on a CRT TV, this piece emulates feelings of a window to another universe, or a lens to peer through of a high powered microscope. Poaceae is slow moving and organic; an insatiable force pulls you in to watch and keep watching. Witness its unrelenting growth as your periphery evolves from a vacant surface to an electric biome.


Visuals created using coded algorithms with p5 Javascript and HTML. Displayed on a 10'' CRT TV with a raspberry pi 3 B+.


Captured Stills:

screen-shot-2019-11-12-at-11-14-40-pm      screen-shot-2019-11-22-at-11-01-43-pmscreen-shot-2019-11-22-at-11-03-14-pm      screen-shot-2019-11-22-at-11-04-19-pm

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