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Rorschach is a personal experience that invites viewers to gaze and contemplate. The fluid form are designed to lure out underlying thoughts. The patterns unfold before you in hypnotic languid impressions, allowing instances of recognition, reflection, and revelation in its generated imagery.

Visuals are created using coded algorithms with p5 Javascript and HTML; random function creates infinitely new forms. Displayed on a 20'' CRT TV with a raspberry pi 3 B+.





A Few Forms:

screen-shot-2019-11-22-at-8-32-54-pm screen-shot-2019-11-22-at-8-46-22-pm screen-shot-2019-11-14-at-5-07-59-pmscreen-shot-2019-11-22-at-8-33-41-pm screen-shot-2019-11-22-at-8-42-55-pm 


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