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Sounding Body Progress Report

I'm trying to do a microphone interaction where the external sound reaches a certain value, it plays an audio clip and the pattern on the canvas changes.

I am going to use Autodesk Recap to scan a half-face. I use the p5. Js draw a pair of eyes and make the above function when the voice reaches a certain value, the eyes will be open from the closed state. I got inspiration from the noisy site near my home, it often wakes me from my dream.

I've now built the basic interaction between the eyes and the microphone so that when the sound reaches a certain value something can change on the canvas. I will try different materials and light for my 3D object, which looks fun.


Because of the time limit, I might not try something that too hard.  I have not taken photos for my face, and I don't know if it works with Recap.

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