Face Pong-Machine Learning Documentation

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  Machine Teaching Documentation || Machine Teaching Documentation Sam Kingston 3173258 Professor Adam Tindale DIGF-2014-001 OCAD U October 28, 2019      For this assignment, my plan was to create a model that could distinguish between different fingers being held … Continue reading

Frog Pond – Machine Learning Game

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Max Shapovalov 3168781 DIGF-2014-001 About I created a simple game using machine learning that I call Frog Pond. The goal of the game is quite simple, you are a fly that must dodge frogs to stay alive. Using my laptop’s … Continue reading

Monster of the Week Identifier

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Title: Monster of the Week Identifier Course: Atelier I: Discovery 001 Name: Shannen Guntoro GitHub Project GitHub Repository: https://github.com/mcshanneng/Monster-of-the-Week_Final Project Code HTML Code: https://github.com/mcshanneng/Monster-of-the-Week_Final/blob/master/index.html Javascript: https://github.com/mcshanneng/Monster-of-the-Week_Final/blob/master/script.js Expanded Example Test 1: https://github.com/mcshanneng/Test-1 Test 2: https://github.com/mcshanneng/Test-2 Test 3: https://github.com/mcshanneng/Test-3 Test 4: https://github.com/mcshanneng/Test-4 The final assignment was … Continue reading

10 000 Photos

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By: Kahani Ploessl, Aljumaine Gayle, and Joshua Igwe 10 000 Photos is a webpage that allows users to take photos across several computer browsers in real-time. Comprised of three (or more) computers, arranged circularly to create a physical space, users interact by clicking … Continue reading

Mad Libs – Group 5

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Mad Libs Together – Based on: Collecting Antiques on a Low Income by Geoffrey W. Beard By:Max Shapovalov (3168781), Mikhail Mata (3172420), Dawn Murphy (3167772) Mad Libs is a game where one player prompts others for a list of words … Continue reading

Big Hair

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Group 3 Shannen Guntoro, Izel Cevik, Fiona Stewart Our project is centered around the book, Big Hair. The book consists of pictures of people with big hair. Our group had decided that we were going to make a shooting game … Continue reading

Fencing Club

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Project Name Fencing Club   Group Members Jaixi Pan, Sam Kingston, Leanna Barwick   Project Description Based on the book “Fencing”, Fencing Club is a 1-3 player online game, built using p5.js and Pubnub. Players practice fencing technique, competing to improve speed, accuracy and sword handling … Continue reading

Multi-User Bathroom Design

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Team Members: Thomas, Tim, Miri The book we chose for the assignment was “How to Add an Extra Bathroom to your House”. We took an interest in the top-down floor plan diagrams and decided to make that the focus of … Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to OCAD University Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! There are tons of great themes available for you to choose from. Please explore all of the options available to you by exploring … Continue reading