Assignment2: Expressive Wearable

Concept: “Warm company” is a scarf that can shine at night. It usually looks like the same as ordinary scarves, but once people wrap their mouths with it, it will emit yellow light when they feel the heat exhaled by people.

Objective: My wearable is inspired by the feeling of “loneliness”. When I walk alone on a snowy night in Toronto and see couples or a group of friends walking together on the street, sometimes I feel very lonely. I think there are many people like me who choose to walk home quietly after work or after a party. Although I don’t always have the idea of “I’m lonely by myself”, once I do, I often feel depressed all night. So my wearable is to bring a little comfort to everyone who has to walk alone at this time. Whenever they look down, they can see their scarves glowing yellow. Hope that on every cold night, even if there is no one beside them, these warm lights can always accompany them.



I got an electric shock the first time I tried. I was scared.%e8%a1%a8%e6%83%85%e5%8c%851



On the second try, the circuit was improved and safe.%e8%a1%a8%e6%83%852



final project image:


Parts List:

  • scarf
  • needles
  • pen
  • switch
  • conductive lines
  • scissor
  • LEDs
  • cardboard


Circuit Diagram:


Reflections & Next Steps:

This assignment is like a demo of my designed wearable. It seems that my design is feasible. I only connected five light bulbs on one side of the scarf in this assignment, but I may connect more light bulbs in the future which are enough to circle around the bottom of the scarf. In addition, a heat sensor needs to be installed on the top of the scarf, that is, the side close to the neck, to meet my original design idea of turning on the light bulb by sensing the heat emitted by people’s breathing.



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