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This headpiece is inspired by ClassicLolita in the Lolita style. this Lolita style but in minimalist tones, focusing on tailoring to express a clear and elegant mind, such as teal and white. Creating a vintage and elegant aristocratic image, and ruffle pleats are the biggest feature, the overall style is relatively plain and suitable for beginners. classicLolita items at first glance will give a ladylike, serene feeling. But often people are confused by the beautiful appearance of a thing and ignore its true essence.

For this piece I made a pure white lolita headdress made of lace and rose elements, Flora Neopixel and Circuit playground are hidden under the lace. At first the color of the light is red, as the wearer shakes his head the light will turn white. Due to similar wrapping, the lighting effect will not show very obvious. I used this inconspicuousness and ambiguity to create an emotion of hiding and not wanting others to find their true side


ClassicLolita style stands for lady, purity and various other more elegant adjectives. With this piece, I wanted to express a hidden emotion. The lace and roses embellish the beautiful appearance and hide her true side. People can only see the emotions she wants to express from the outside, but her true feelings are well hidden in it. The red light represents her emotions are more excited, but through a series of quick masking movements, the real emotions are hidden. People can only see the pure white light, and she only ever shows the side she wants to show to others. Through this work, I want to remind people that everything in this world has two sides, and what you see is not necessarily the real one.


 Ideation Drawings




 The work in process

Attach the Circuit Playground to the cut-to-size felt with regular thread
First find and mark the location of each NeoPixel
Connect the positive terminal of the NeoPixel to the Vout/3.3V of Circuits Playground using a conductive thread;GND to negtive terminal;A1 to the hole in the left middle of the NeoPixel.
Sew the circu diagram on the other felt
White Rose

-Final Project Images-




-Parts List-

  • Child’s Veil
  • 2.75” Lace Petal Crochet Ribbon
  • 3.5” Lace Ribbon
  • 5/8 Sheer Wired Ribbon
  • Gem Charm
  • Conductive thread & regular thread
  • White Rose
  • Basic white felt
  • Pipes
  • 4 Flora Neopixel
  • 1 Circuit Playground


-Circuit Diagram-


-Reflections & Next Steps-

Overall I am relatively satisfied with the finish of the work. The biggest and most time-consuming part I encountered during the production process was sewing the Circuit Playground and NeoPixel parts. The first time I tried, I encountered the problem that the NeoPixel wouldn’t light up. I suspect that it might be because the threads were too messy and I also used several stitching techniques that led to unstable current and poor contact. On the second attempt I succeeded, but there was still the problem of poor contact (sometimes the NeoPixel would not light up). But all in all the work is done. The next step I want to take is not to use lighting effects to show this work. I want to add more interactive elements to the work. For example, the lace on the headpiece will change according to the movement of the wearer or according to the different buttons the wearer presses.

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