Expressive Wearable Assignment – Giulia Zefilippo

The emotion I chose was serenity. When I researched this word, it meant calm, strong, unwavering. I wanted to express through a bracelet that even through movements, it still remains calm.
I created a bracelet that reacted to the movement of rotation on the x and z scale. The action of the user rotating the bracelet and activating the external LEDs is meant to express a slow breathing in and out. The CPX neopixels have a slow countdown to represent the direction of change.

My original goal was to create a bracelet that reacted to rotation movement. I wanted to express an emotion of calmness even when there’s a rough time.



Final Project Images:



Parts List:

    • Conductive Wire
    • Old t-shirt sleeve – sheer
    • 330 Ohm resistors x 8
    • Green and Blue LEDs x8
    • Sheet of thick fabric felt

Circuit Diagram:
circuitdiagramReflections and Next Steps:
I think spent too much time on this project. I chose a sheer black fabric to diffuse the LEDs but I believe they were diffused too much and barely visible. I think I would have chosen a brighter fabric that was also sheer for a second version. I think the achieved my goal of this project but I will have to improve the aesthetics for a second version.



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