Speculative Wearable


Hello everyone, my expressive wearable is a little late, but here it is.

Warming and Correctional Band


Bad posture, sore muscles, any kind of cramps can all hit you at once. I wanted to create an easy breathable accessory that can be worn on top or underneath clothing to help tackle these problems. My speculative wearable is a band that warms, and corrects simultaneously. The band can serve as just a posture correcting accessory, or a warming strap for sore muscles. But it can also do both at the same time! 


What different states does it have? 

The band can be used as… 

  1. A non warming or warming posture correction band
  2. A non warming or warming waist band 
  3. A warming band to wrap around sore muscles
  4. A heated band for menstruation 

How is it activated? 

It is activated by a button, and warms. 

How is it deactivated? 

The same button that activates it deactivates it. 

Where is it located on the body? 

The band is flexible, and meant to be very breathable. It can be positioned anywhere on the body, and moves naturally with the body’s behavior. 


This prototype is made of gauze, and tape. 


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