Expressive Wearable Assignment – Giulia Zefilippo

The emotion I chose was serenity. When I researched this word, it meant calm, strong, unwavering. I wanted to express through a bracelet that even through movements, it still remains calm.
I created a bracelet that reacted to the movement of rotation on the x and z scale. The action of the user rotating the bracelet and activating the external LEDs is meant to express a slow breathing in and out. The CPX neopixels have a slow countdown to represent the direction of change.

My original goal was to create a bracelet that reacted to rotation movement. I wanted to express an emotion of calmness even when there’s a rough time.



Final Project Images:



Parts List:

    • Conductive Wire
    • Old t-shirt sleeve – sheer
    • 330 Ohm resistors x 8
    • Green and Blue LEDs x8
    • Sheet of thick fabric felt

Circuit Diagram:
circuitdiagramReflections and Next Steps:
I think spent too much time on this project. I chose a sheer black fabric to diffuse the LEDs but I believe they were diffused too much and barely visible. I think I would have chosen a brighter fabric that was also sheer for a second version. I think the achieved my goal of this project but I will have to improve the aesthetics for a second version.



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Assignment 1: Speculative Wearable – Angelina Do (3182746)


The “Emerald of Emotions” is a necklace designed for the dating scene of the 21st century. Dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinger, and Grinder can become exhausting when date-after-date goes wrong. This product allows easy communication between two people to avoid those awkward chats. The “Emerald of Emotions” senses the human heart rate and temperature after a date has been completed. A high heart rate and hot body temperature corresponds with a positive experience, while an average heart rate and average body temperature indicates a missing spark. Instead of having the, “no I would not like to see you again” conversation, it is simply avoided with the glow of LED lights through an elegant emerald.

The emerald has a built-in heart rate monitor and thermometer that is recorded in our corresponding app. The two levels are careful monitored allowing ranges to fit in specific colours. Red means that the individual enjoyed themselves during the date and would like to see their partner again Orange means that the date was just okay and that they could revisit the possibility of a second date. Grey means the date was unpleasant and the individual would not like to see their date again. Our app allows users to turn this necklace on and off via their mobile device, allowing for casual wear as well.


The objective of this jewelry piece is to speed up the process of finding your one true match! Going on second dates with people that you were never compatible with is a waste of time. Your true feelings will be revealed even if you’re too timid to say it with your own words.

This product has a timeless look of a classic diamond necklace, allowing versatility and subtleness of the wearer. The target market is primary users of dating apps or speed-dating (Millennials and Gen Z).

Sketches & Research



Mood board

Paper Prototype


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