Expressive Wearable Assignment – Manuela Ballesteros

  • Concept

For this project, I chose the feeling of being in a rush, I wanted to make something that would help those who are constantly stressed to take things slow. This armband has a photoresistor that is used as a proximity sensor which will use sound and light to let the user know when they’re about to hit something/someone. The sound and lights become louder and brighter the closer the sensor gets to the object. It also used a motion sensor that will make a sound when the person is going too fast.

  • Objective

The objective is to try to make people be more careful, the city can be very fast-paced and everyone seems to be in a rush which can cause accidents.

  • Process
    • Diagram


The first thing I did was the circuit diagram.

  • Testing


Tested the circuit using alligator wires.

  • Code


Made the code and tested it multiple times using the wires.

  •  Parts list
    • Conductive thread
    • Photoresistor
    • 10k resistor
    • Felt
    • Thread
    • Circuit Playground
  • Final Prototype 

img_6531img_6530 img_6534img_6536 img_6537img_6539


  • Reflections

One thing I would’ve done differently was the use of a different fabric, something that would allow me to test the motion sensor with the armband without the photoresistor moving around and triggering the proximity sensor.

  • Sources

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