Expressive Wearable Assignment – Kan Huang

“Go For It”


– Circuit Playground Express be the core of the work and use some switches to change the animation of lights.
– The brightness will be random to makes lights looks flashing.
– All the things are connected by one felt (not separated parts) and can hang on the belt or wear on the wrist.



I like Japanese tokusatsu drama, the Kamen Rider series, so I want to use the concept to create something, make something out, and relate to the Kamen Rider W(2009-2010). In my work, I have three switches to control the Circuit Playground Express shows different colors in random brightness. The color corresponds to the different types of the main character in W.


Prepare the design page and materials.


My design is very simple. I created the code before I make it, so I just need to use a conductive thread to link the A3, A4, A6 ports separated to a space on the felt, and use a small piece of conductive fabric to be the connectors.

The active ports are finished, I use thread to link the GND port and use another long felt to be the switch. The conductive fabric will be set on the top of the felt because I need it to connect to A3, A4, and A6 ports connectors to active the lights animations.


In the final image, I use clips to clamp a felt to hide the wire and a USB Cable on the back to make wires void my skin.



Final Project Image

If I do nothing, it will show a circuiting light animation, and each switch will make Express change the color of the lights.



Parts List
– Circuit Playground Express
– Conductive Thread
– Conductive Fabric
– A Needle
– Felt
– Clips
– Sticky Back Fasteners
– Scissors
– Pen

Circuit Diagram
Simply, my work just needs each different route to control different types of light animations. In MakeCode, I create three ports, and each one makes the colors, otherwise, it will run the MakeCode basic animation.




– During the progress, I made a big mistake was the conductive thread needs a clear route to the conductive fabric, but some of them have crossed each other so it has crashed to Express’s animation. Next time, I will be more careful about it.
– The MakeCode is very strong and simple for me, it shows directly what happened. In one case, I want to input some sounds when the switch is on, so this is also one goal for me to do in the future.
– I also want to use buttons instead of switches, and I want to learn how to add a CDS to control the brightness of the lights of Express.

Next Step
– I want to change my switches to have clear and short routes and change the switch to be a button (if can). I want to buy a battery jack for Express and create a small bag for it, so I can carry it outside without using a USB Cable.
– This prototype is simple than I thought. I think it needs some sound when the switch is on, and I still want to create two more switches for another two different types of lights animations.
– In the beginning, I design it to set on the belt, but it was too hard to show the Express without the USB Cable. I want it can be set on the belt and looks well.


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