Expressive Wearable Prototype: Calming Glove

The emotion of this glove is to induce a calming effect when pressure is applied to the pointer fingertip, something that I do when anxious. When pressure is applied, the circuit playground plays a sound, specifically Song of Storms from Legend of Zelda.  If there is a bright area on the back of the palm, a song from Spirited away would play.

Originally the idea was a weather respondent glove, in which if it was raining, ideally, there would be a water sensor to detect rainfall and the back of the palm would have a light combined with a temperature sensor. 

This is me playing around with ideas.


Finding out the pressure points of the pressure sensor:


Doing the circuit with alligator clips:


Cut out the Cloth. I kept the wires isolated with cloth on both sides.


Testing again with circuit sowing




putting it together


Final Circuit

8 7


Parts List:

220k Resistor

Pressure sensor,

Conductive thread,

Circuit playground,



Hot Glue,

Conductive Fabric.

Circuit Diagram



For this project, I wanted to challenge myself where the output was not just LEDs. I played around with the other outputs that are on the circuit playground, such as sound and motors. After thinking about how complex the circuits and the layout will be, I thought the sound would be the best output.

I followed the example of writing clothes, emotions, and verbs down to help start thinking of ideas on what to make. Originally I had the idea of a cape, but that would be too much material. I ended up deciding to create a glove, with the emotion of calmness. 

The thing I struggled with was sowing itself, and having all the parts connect with the conductive thread. I secured the end of the wires with hot glue so they would not interact with each other. As well as determining the pressure and light sensor capacity, I solved this by using lights based on the analog input. Sowing through the conductive fabric is also tough, so I put holes beforehand and sow through it.

I learned methods from class on how to sow better, using smaller stitches.


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