Expressive Wearables “Introverts Party Cup”


The introverts party cup is an expressive wearable that was made to express the emotion of shyness. This wearable was created as a koozie for drinks that also has the ability to light up and express what the person is feeling. The idea for this came from people who feel they are socially awkward or shy at parties, this wearable is made for them to be able to express themselves and have fun.


The wearable was made with felt and cotton balls. The felt was used to make the koozie and the cotton balls were made to diffuse the light from the circuit playground express (CPX). I found that the cotton balls were not as good at diffusing the CPX’s LED’s as I once though. To improve the design instead of the cotton balls I could use a semi opaque fabric to help the light shine through without seeing the CPX.


Due to the fact that my wires short circuited the circuit consist of the buttons on the CPX to change the colours of the LED’s




The first photo is me testing the lights with alligator clips to see if my program worked. The next photo is a picture of my prototype that I presented to the class.



If I were to make a final product from this prototype some revisions on its model would be:

  • A better fabric to diffuse the light
  • a separate compartment on the bottom to house the CPX
  • Different colours of fabric

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